ELECTRONA Technical Symposium & YOUTH FEST Organized by NIST

        With the zeal of providing an outlook and a platform for the budding engineers across the Nation to create, explore learn and share various aspects, Narayanadri Institute of Science & Technology launches "ELECTRONA" a National level technical symposium & Youth Fest for two days.

ELECTRONA aims to channelize together the leading research experts & professionals to share their knowledge and facilitate, transfer of information to budding engineers. The theme of the symposium is on "How to enhance the grip on technology and methods of explorations".

        ELECTRONA is the annual cultural youth festival of NIST and as the name suggests, the event is full of vigor and energy of students, faculty, participating individuals from various universities and colleges and sponsors from various local and national level organizations. It is an interactive ground for dynamic youth from various universities and colleges from the country.

        Students get together to celebrate the spirit of life by performing in various cultural, technical and social events in various dimensions of performing arts. There are solo and group performances like Music (Instrumental & Vocal), Dancing, Paper Presentation, Debate, Model Making, and Drama.
The event was enthusiastically celebrated among jam packed audience.. 

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