NIST Mechanical Engineering Department is fully equipped with state of art facilities spread over area of 954.54 square meters. The workshop is the facility where mechanical engineering students get hands on training on all the machines used in industries for manufacturing.
The NIST Workshop is pack and full with various production machinery and shops like Carpentry, pattern making, Fitting, Machine Shop, Welding, Tin Smithy , Black Smithy, Foundry, Plastic Molding, Plumbing.

The modern machinery available in the workshop is,
All Geared Lathe Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Milling Machine
Power Hacksaw Machine
Pillar Type Drilling Machine
Shaping Machine
Bench Grinding Machine
Wood Turning Lathe
Plastic Molding Machine
Power Press Machine
Spot Welding Machine
Welding Transformer
Smith Hearth Furnace
The workshop is utilized for conducting First year practical’s and SE TE mechanical student practical’s as per university curriculum.
Other than curriculum various competitions are organized in the workshop.

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